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Raspberry and Apple Jam Recipe

IMG_20140911_211611Raspberries are one of our favourites.  They’re delicious fresh off the stems, great frozen ( pop them on a tray so that they freeze individually and then when they’re frozen you can put them in an old ice-cream tub until you need them ) when they get a more intense flavour, or fabulous in a jam!   I find though that I want them to stretch as far as possible, so I add apples to get twice as much from the same raspberries.


1lb Raspberries

1lb Apples

2lbs Sugar


Clean and sterilise some jam jars in a low oven whilst you are making the jam.  My rule of thumb is; one jam jar for each pound of sugar or fruit and then a couple more for just in case.

Peel and chop the apples up small, put them in your preserving pan with enough water to cover the bottomapples of the pan.   Simmer until softened – depending on the type of apples, they may turn to mush, or keep their shape but become soft.

Add the raspberries and simmer until they are soft.

Add the sugar and bring slowly to the boil, making sure that you are stirring the sugar the whole time so that it doesn’t stick to the pan.  Boil until setting point is reached.   I use the wrinkly skin on a spoon method – ie dip a cold metal spoon in the jam and put it on a plate for a couple of minutes to cool slightly, then push the jam slightly with your finger, if it wrinkles slightly setting point is reached, if it doesn’t, let the jam bubble on for about five minutes.

Pour it into the sterile jars when it’s ready, put a wax disc on it, and then seal it with a metal lid or cellophane circle and elastic band.


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