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Blackcurrant and Rhubarb Jam

Blackcurrant Jam is my all time favourite jam, and I try and eek out the fruit as far as possible with other seasonal fruit.  Last year I added courgette to them to make it go further with good effect in my Blackcurrant and Courgette Jam.      This year I added Rhubarb as the courgette glut hadn’t started as yet – which went great as well.  The great thing about Blackcurrants is that they have a high pectin count so you can add more water and then get a higher yield.  Most of the jam books say that Rhubarb isn’t great on the pectin count, but my Granny Foster always used to add it to jams to add pectin, and it always worked for her – so now I do it!

This recipe is yummy!!101_3552

1lb Blackcurrants  (top and tailed)

1lb Rhubarb (chopped up about 1cm long)

Just over half a pint of water (about 350mls)

2lb sugar (don’t waste money on preserving sugar, just buy the cheapest that you can find!)


Pop the fruit and the water into a preserving pan and simmer until soft, I normally see if the blackcurrants pop against the side of the pan if I push them with a wooden spoon.

Then add the sugar, and stir regularly until it comes to the boil, keep a rolling boil until the setting point is reached.  I normally do the metal spoon set test.  Unlike some jams which can take quite a while to get to setting point, this is relatively quick, 5 -10 minutes-ish.

Pop the jam into sterilised glass jars, pop a wax disc on top and screw the lid on firmly.  This quantity makes about 5 – 6 pots of the good stuff!

Then you just wait for the satisfying pop as the lid seals properly!

Scrummy on Courgette Bread!  And you can tweak the recipe, and cook it with Redcurrants rather than Blackcurrants – depending on what ripens at the same time!



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2 responses to “Blackcurrant and Rhubarb Jam

  1. jammymummy says:

    This is praise indeed from a lovely lady I was at school with a few years ago, via Facebook……..Ok, so I am meant to be emptying my kitchen so it can be pulled down next week (after being away for the weekend) instead I have made a batch of this wonderful jam! Rachel May in all my years of making jam (especially blackcurrant jam) this has to up there with the best of them!! Tastes delicious!! Thank you for sharing! X

  2. […] yesterday I cooked up the first batch of Redcurrant and Rhubarb Jam.  I used the same recipe as Blackcurrant and Rhubarb Jam and substituted red for black […]

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