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Snake Design Recycled Jeans Draught Excluder

Partially to save pennies, and partially to save the environment, we try not to have the heating on too much in our home.  This does mean that we have to go ‘old-skool’ and use draught excluders.  A couple of years ago I knitted a sausage dog draught excluder for the Isle of Wight Mays (which I sadly didn’t record the design for), and today I made one out of two pairs of old jeans for our home.


Chop the legs off of 2 pairs of jeans or trousers to the length required for your draughty door.  My legs are just the right length (33″).   There are plenty of ideas on pinterest etc of what you can do with the top of a pair of old jeans.
IMG_20160404_113633823_HDRQuite tightly roll up the first trouser leg like a swiss roll, then a further two around it, being careful to keep the roll equal all along.   Stitch along the end edge of the roll to keep it together nicely, it doesn’t need to be neat as it will be inside.

With the fourth leg, turn it inside out and put the jeans swiss roll inside of it and pin along where the seam is going to be. I used one seam from the jeans on one side of the roll, and pinned opposite this so that the seams are symmetrical.   Take the roll out of the inside and sew along where you have pinned and along the short end that isn’t the jeans hem.IMG_20160404_130813524.jpg

Turn the outer leg the right way around again and pop two button holes on the top of the leg where you will fasten it and to make the snakes eyes.  Sew on two buttons in the right place.



With some ribbon, cut twice the length you would like for the tongue and fold it in half.   Cut out a V from the cut ends and zigzag stitch them together, then sew straight across the tongue about half a centimetre away from the inner bit of the forked tongue (this will be for hanging on a door handle when you are not using it.  Finally sew the tongue in to place on the outer layer and pop the jeans swiss roll inside.   I suppose if you wanted to you could curve the head and tail ends, but for maximum draught exclusion, I kept mine square….. let your creativity flow!!



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