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Honeycomb Hands

101_3174My sister liked the honeycomb pattern we used for her Bridesmaids’ dresses, so I thought that I’d make her some hand-warmers with the same concept.

Needles : 4mm dpns

Tension : 24st in 10cm (st st)

Requires: approx 50g of main, dk (A)

Approx 50g of contrast (B), 2 strands of dk knitted at the same time, or one of aran (so that the contrast has a nice bumpy texture to it).  I used 3 different contrasts, that worked together colour wise, but you just let your creative juices flow!

HAND-WARMERS – make 2 the same 

In main colour (A), cast on 48 st. Put onto dpns, and join, being careful not to twist the stitches.

2 x 2 rib for 10 cm, or for as long as you’d like the hand warmers to come up the arm. (k2, p2, rep to end)

StSt for 1.5cm (6 rows).

Attach contrast (B).

Row 1 (B) – *Sl1pw, k1* to end

Row 2 (B) – *Sl1pw wyb, p1* to end

Row 3 (A) –  K1, pm, K to end, pm

Row 4 (A) – inc1 (p front and back of st), sm, p to st before marker, inc1 (as before), now pop the marker between the last 2 sts (now 3 st between markers.  Don’t move this marker again!!)

Rows 1 – 4 make honeycomb pattern.

Row 4 – from now on = p to st before marker, inc1 (purl front and back), p to marker, sm, inc in next st, p to end of row

Repeat rows 1 – 4 until there are 13 st between the markers.  Put these 13 st on a stitch holder.  (47 st in main, 13 on holders)

Row 4 (B) – *k1, sl1pw* for 46st, pick up and k1, sl1pw (48 st)

Row 5 (B) – *p1,  sl1pw wyb* rep to end

Row 6 (A) – k all

Row 7 (A) – p all

Row 8 (B) – *sl1pw, k1* to end (note slight change from row 4, this will keep the staggered honeycomb pattern going)

Row 9 (B) – *sl1pw wyb, p1* to end

Row 10 (A) – k all


Row 11 (A) – p all

Repeat rows 4 – 11

Repeats rows 4 – 6

Next row – p3tog, p21, p3tog, p to end (44)

Repeat rows 8 – 11

In A, 2 x 2 rib for 4 rows, cast off loosely and sew in ends.


Take 13 st off stitch holder and put on 3 dpns.  Attach B (ensure that this is the same as the next on on the main hand) RS.

Row 1 ; *sl1pw, k1,* rep 6 times, sl1pw, from the main glove next pick up and k1 (B on needle), pick up 1( so that it is A on the needle, pick up and k1, (16)

Row 2: *sl1pw wyb, p1* to end

Row 3: k to last 4 st, k2tog twice

Row 4: p to end

Row 6 : 1 x 1 rib

Row 7 : 1 x 1 rib and then cast off loosely.  Sew in ends

Due to the honeycomb pattern, it is hard to pick up the stitches neatly around the  thumb, so turn the glove inside out, and just sew it carefully to remove any holes.  If  I can work out a way of knitting them without this happening, I shall amend the pattern.

sl1pw = slip one as if going to purl

wyb = put yarn to the back of the work on your right hand needle as if you are knitting rather than purling

pm = place marker

sm = slip marker

I am happy for you to use this pattern for your own personal use, but please don’t use it to make money.  Also, if you knit these, please can you comment on here, or on my ravelry page!  Thanks

Copyright Jammymummy 2013. All rights reserved.


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