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Heart Hand Warmers

I tried to find a pattern for knitting a pair of hand-warmers in the round for my 5 and a half year old, but couldn’t find anything.  So, have attempted a pattern.  It seems to have worked, so hopefully I can scribe the pattern ok and you can try them too if you want.

These are a simple knit in the round pair of hand-warmers, with a heart shape relief made by swapping to the wrong side of stocking stitch in the pattern.  You could then chain stitch in a contrasting yarn around the heart to accentuate it (probably depending on what your little one wants!)

Size:  Age 5 – 7

Needles: 7mm dpns (I knit quite tight, so to get the size you may want to go down a size or two.

Tension:  12sts, 17 rows = 10cm swatch

Left Hand

Cast on 20 st on dpns, split across needles and put a marker at the beginning of the round.   Knit in 1×1 rib for 12 rows.  Then 3 rounds of knit (as in round will make st.st appearance)

Heart pattern – Round 1.    K 7, P1, K to end

Round 2.   K6, P3, K to end

Round 3.   K5, P5, K to end. To make thumb hole turn work around (you’re not going to knit in the round for 4 rows)

Row 4.  P11, K7, P2

Row 5.   K2, P7, K to end

Row 6.  P11, K7, P2

Row 7.   K3, P5, knit to end, and then next row will continue, ie restart knitting in the round

Round 8. K3, P2, K1, P2, K to end

Round 9. K3, P1, K3, P1, knit to end

Rounds 10, 11, 12,   K all

Round 13, 14 1×1 rib again

Round 15, cast off in knit.

Optional Thumb (if you don’t want it, you could just do a slip stitch crochet around the hole to make it neat/strengthen it).

Pick up 3 st either side of hole, and 1 at the bottom with dpns.

Work in the round, 1×1 rib for 3 rounds (k2tog at bottom of thumb hole in first round)

Cast off in knit.

Right Glove

Knit as left glove until end of Round 2.

Row 3.    K5, P5, K 3 and turn  (Thumb hole)

Row 4.   P2, K7, P to end

Row 5.   K11, P7, K2

Row 6.   P2, K7, P to end

Round 7.  K3, P5, K to end, and then continue knitting in same direction to knit in round again

Round 8.  From now on, knit as Left glove.

dpns = Double pointed needles

P = purl

K = Knit


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2 responses to “Heart Hand Warmers

  1. Mairin says:

    Thanks so much for the pattern; it is absolutely ideal for my daughter and the yarn I have available!

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