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That courgette time of year again – Glut time

So, last year I planted four courgette plantsImage result for courgette plant– all four got eaten by the slugs.  I planted a second lot of four – they too got eaten by the slugs.  No glut last year!  Organic allotmenteering at its worst.

This year, I planted seven plants so that if the slugs chose their favourite four, I would still be left with three….. but due to a hot dry spring, the courgettes prevailed and I am in serious glut land!

As happens in these events, I am hiding it in all food!  The usual places- soup, courgette and mozzarella slice, ratatouille, ragu sauce.

This year a new place – Chocolate cake! mmmmm

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Another vegan and sugar free recipe – flapjack

This Easter weekend we are seeing my sister who is trying a vaguely vegan and sugar free diet (for health reasons) , and my nephew who is properly vegan.  I thought that I would make some flapjack to share with them, and adapted my mum’s flapjack recipe to make something for both of them.

Using stevia, maple syrup and raisins for the sweetness, I hope that you enjoy making this flapjack recipe – or granola bar if you live on the other side of the pond!

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Vegan and Sugar free Christmas Cake


I’ve not developed this recipe myself, but my mum just found this recipe online and I wanted to share it as a Christmas Cake alternative for those people that have a vegan/sugar free diet requirement.

Christmas Cake idea

To make it look a bit more Christmassy I popped it in a 6″ round tin, and it only took an hour to cook rather than the time they said – my nose told me it was cooked before (see previous posts about cooking by smell!)

The photo shows it part way through it’s cooking, and there won’t be a finished photo until my sis has had some at Christmas!   As it hasn’t got all the sugar that normally helps a normal Christmas cake to keep for so long, I am going to pop it in the freezer with the Quincemeat that I have made for her mince pies and bring it out the day before.  Made sugar free, with vegan suet and lots of mixed spices…. the proof on these will be in the tasting!

IMG_20151221_122021114 (2)

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Date, Pecan and Oat Cake/Tray Bake – vegan, sugar and fat free recipe

IMG_20151116_125034325Sometimes our health and the health of those we love leads to change.  Sometimes sugar and animal protein free baking can help with specific health conditions, but the recipes haven’t been all that forthcoming for me.  So, I made this up the other week for someone special.

This is nowhere near as light as a slice made with sugar and eggs, BUT it is super good for you (unless you are allergic to gluten or nuts).

Date, Pecan and Oat Slice Recipe is right here.  For other free from recipes, please go to this great website.

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Foraging Fun in the Fields – Damson and Apple Jam Recipe

Whilst out walking in the fields yesterday, I came across a bumper crop of Damsons.   For the last few years I have either missed them, or the fruiting hasn’t been anywhere near as good.  This is a good year!!

Not wanting to be too greedy, and also only having taken two ice cream tubs for Blackberries with me, I only pocketed (literally) one and a half pounds of the fruit so that the next forager could be as blessed by the bounty.   This would only have made about 3 jars of jam, so to bulk it up, I used an equal weight of apples that I just happened to have sitting on my kitchen floor.

I have written up the Damson and Apple Jam recipe here  but here are a few extra little pointers, should you so wish.

You can either stone the Damsons before cooking, or scoop them off as they cook.  I prefer to use a cherry/olive pitter to stone them before cooking so that there aren’t any that escape my eagle eyes for odamsonsne of my kiddies to then hurt their teeth on. If you haven’t already got a Cherry Pitter, I can strongly recommend getting one.  This is the one that I have, and it’s been serving me well for many years.  Obviously if you do not stone them before, you will need to add about an extra 6 oz in damsons to the initial mix.

Some people always chop apples into lemon or salt water so that they don’t go brown whilst you are preparing them all.  I didn’t bother with this jam as the damsons will colour the jam beautifully.  Much easier and cheaper.

In some recipe books it says to add the stones to the pan whilst boiling, this helps get as much pectin off the fruit as you can.  The best way that I have found to do this is using a ball and chain tea diffuser like this and make sure that if you buy one, it is a large one.   The added bonus of this is that you can then pop the diffuser in a large mug, pour some boiling water on it, leave it to soak for a bit, and you have a delicious fruit tea. How about that for thrift?!

Anyway, if you happen to find some Damsons, I hope that you enjoy this

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Seasonal eating

I’m still in two minds about whether to keep the allotment or not, I’m sat here with lots of jobs to do at home thinking that I shouldn’t really be doing this, but actually picking the veggies and fruit at the plot.   Cabbage, lettuces, french beans, courgettes, squash, beetroot, blackberries, parsley, tomatoes, all ripe for the picking.allotment 2008

Was a bit surprised just now though to see that Nigel Slater has a section in the Guardian for Blackcurrant Recipes, mine were all over about a month ago.  I know that I live in the south east, but surely for those of us who grow our own, they must all be over now?? ( They look delicious though for 11 months time.)

Courgette and french bean recipes are what we need this week Mr Slater!!  Or ways to use up wind fall apples…?

A starting place to look……here

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Do we really have to have a weekly food plan not to waste food?

The other day I was slightly bemused by a suggestion in the media that people plan their weeks food for the family so Glow-Baby-Menu-Planner-Front-Coverthat they don’t throw food away.   This is both far to organised for me and a little pointless as this isn’t the way that I work.  I suppose that I am blessed in that I have good freezer storage, but I go to the supermarket, buy some fish or meat or other staples that are on offer and keep them in the fridge or cupboard – bits and bobs that I can make in to something nice some time soon.

Also, if something is beginning to go off in the fridge, fruit bowl or alike I’ll quickly make it into something, freeze it or preserve it – like my Mum and Grans would have done.   Waste not, want not.

Mum’s reminded me of a couple ; ham going a bit wrinkly around the edges so you can pop it on a pizza or in pasta dish; left over veggies from a few days ago which you can make into a soup if you add a few more bits in;  and she mentioned the banana cake idea – which I use very frequently.

Yesterday I spotted  some bananas that were more brown than yellow in the fruit bowl, and we had some figs that were beginning to turn too, so I popped them in a basic cake mix and out came this yummy cake!   Here is the recipe for a Banana and Fig CakeIMG_7830.

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Got Beetroot coming out of your ears?! The Beetroot Glut….

My beetroot were very late getting going this year, I seem to remember sowing them a bit late, so that means that we haven’t had loads in salads etc this year, instead they are in bounty now that the nights are drawing in and I want warm comfort food!

I had dinner in the oven the other day and some cooked beetroots a little past their best in the fridge so wanted to take advantage of the preheated oven (my Dad will be proud).  I was in a rush,   looking in vain for a Chocolate and Beetroot cake recipe via good old Google and couldn’t find one in imperial measures (I cannot get my head around metric!) so I made one up quick smart while the oven was hot for tea.

I then used the same measurements a couple of days later for Chocolate and Beetroot Muffins, and then a Root and Fruit Pudding – Chocolate and Beetroot Sponge Pudding with Pears underneath (not one but two of your five a day – in a Chocolate Pudding!!!!! Can’t get much better than that!)   I used half a mix for the Muffins and then the other half for the pudding.

I hope that you enjoy them.  Be warned you can still taste the Beetroot, but my girls wolfed it all down.

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3D glasses made from Sweetie Wrappers and Lemon and Courgette Drizzle Cake Recipe

jazz handsOne of my husband’s customers gave us a box of wrapped Chocolate sweets(any guesses which ones) and rather than throwing the wrappers away, we kept them for a couple of days and made our very own 3D glasses today.  They might not actually work,  in fact I think that they impair vision slightly, but today they kept my girls quiet for ages making and decorating them!

I then made a quick cake this evening whilst the oven was on for making dinner, it’s another Lemon and Courgette Drizzle cake, but this one doesn’t have Yogurt in like the other.  Mainly because I didn’t have any yogurt in the fridge needing using up! lemon and courgette drizzle

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The Yellow Courgette Revolution

You heard it here…. Yellow Courgettes are the way forward.   I realised this yesterday as my girlies were tucking into Courgette Muffins without a qualm!  Not only can you spot them quicker than green ones growing on the vine so they are less likely to be missed when you’re picking them (and therefore they are less likely to turn into marrows under your very eyes), but also it means that there aren’t funny green bits in your cake.

courgette pile

I tried a new recipe yesterday, and ate it today, so have popped it up on here – thanks to an old school friend, Becky, via Facebook .  So please have a little look at this new recipe,    Lime and Courgette Cake.   I didn’t actually have any Limes,  so I made it as a 10 ” tray bake and just popped the yummy soft cheese icing on the top.

I was on a bit of a roll as I had some more courgettes (there’s always more courgettes) … so I made some of Annabel Karmel’s Courgette Muffins.  I was having a bit of a job cooking it as I was having to convert the recipe into ounces and was flitting between the recipe and the conversion chart on her page, so I’ve typed it up on here for those of you like me.


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