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Jammymummy makes jam

101_3552Jam Making!

I love making jam so much!  Not only can I make it for the fraction of the price that you can buy decent jam in the shops, but also I can make whatever flavours I want.  I don’t tend to buy fruit, just use the stuff that we pick at the allotment, or people give to us.  All I buy is the sugar, and this year I’ve got through 12 kg of it within one month!  A lot of jam!

One success has been the cherry jam.  I’ve failed miserably for the last few years, with far to runny a jam that was only good enough to put in the bottom of a jam sponge pudding, or pour over ice cream or rice pudding – mmmmm.  But I wanted jam for my sandwiches!!  I even resorted to buying pectin so see if I could get a better set, but no it was mildly better but still not up to standard.   I was telling someone about my cherry jam woes, and she suggested softening the cherries as normal, and then blitzing them with a hand liquidiser.  Well what a transformation!  Yummy jam.

An experiment didn’t go quite so well.  My husband says that the jam tastes nice, but it’s not perfect so I’m not so sure.  I love blackcurrant jam, and want to eek out my fruit to make as many jars of jam as possible.   Normally I use my mum’s recipe;

Blackcurrant Jam Recipe


Blackcurrants (Photo credit: Quite Adept)

4lb Blackcurrants

3pt Water

6lb Sugar

Cook the Blackcurrants in the water until tender, add the sugar and gently boil – stirring frequently- until it reaches setting point and jar up as usual.  This normally gives me about 16 jars of jam, a fab yield!

However, I’ve got courgettes coming out of my ears, and thought that I could sneak one into a batch of jam.  Blackcurrant and Courgette Jam.  As it turns out, it has the same yield of 16 jars of jam with 4lb of the fruit because there is less sugar, but as my Dad pointed out, it’s cheaper to make!!

Another success was my Gooseberry and Redcurrant Jam, half and half fruit, half a pint of water per lb of fruit, and as much sugar as fruit.   This has a lovely tang to it.


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