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Tucked In Snood (or Cowl if you are from the other side of the pond)

tucked inMy sister wanted a snood for Christmas and I looked in all the shops in town for one and couldn’t find a lovely one, so I designed this and knitted it up in a couple of evenings.   Quite a simple knit, but to make sure that it is seamless I used a provisional cast on and a kitchener stitch to finish it off in the round.

200g super chunky yarn of your choice.

Cast on 22 stitches using 10mm needles and a provisional cast on of your choice.

Row 1   Purl to end  (WS)

Row 2   K2, P2, rep to end, ending with K2  (RS)

Row 3   P2, K2, rep to end, ending with P2

Rows 4 – 9 – repeat rows 2 & 3 three times

Row 10  K to end

Stockinette stitch knitting (detail of Image:5...

Stockinette stitch knitting

Row 11 P to end  (this will give you a band of stocking stitch)

Row 12   P2, K2, rep to end, ending with P2

Row 13   K2, P2, rep to end, ending with K2

tucked in farRows 14 – 19 – repeat rows 12 & 13 three times

Row 20  K to end

Row 21  P to end

Repeat pattern from Row 2 – Row 21 until required length or wool has almost run out!!  DON’T knit Row 21 in the last sequence though.

Using Kitchener stitch, cast off to make a huge loop, being careful not to twist the work and the sew in all your ends.  Either wear it hanging down as one loop, or twist it once to have it twice around your neck for a extra snuggly neck.

Hope that you enjoy this pattern.  Feel free to you it for your personal use, but please don’t use it to make a profit.

© jammymummy2013


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One response to “Tucked In Snood (or Cowl if you are from the other side of the pond)

  1. […] As with all my methods or diarising (blogging or journalling) I often go in fits and spurts, separated by lengths of time of nothing-ness.  Well, needs must, and this year when I had told myself that I wasn’t going to do any knitting, I had to change my plans and knit something for my lovely sister for a present.    I hope that you enjoy my snood pattern: https://jammymummy.wordpress.com/about/tucked-in-snood-or-cowl-if-you-are-from-the-other-side-of-the-… […]

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