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Needs Must Leg Warmers

It’s so extra-ordinarily cold here at the moment, and as I’m hugely pregnant, I can’t wear my thermal long-johns.   So I finally got around to making myself some legwarmers.  The yarn is from my first attempt at designing a knitting pattern, which I unravelled this morning ( a very poorly fitting cardigan).   I’ve gone for the quickest method, so they’re knitted on straight needles, and sewn together. I’ve knitted them up in about 6 hours total, so I’ll have warm legs tomorrow.

Chunky wool

7.5mm needles

Tension : 12 st, 18 rows in 10cm x 10cm swatch (I knit quite tight!)

Cast on 38 st

k1,  *(K2, P2)* repeated, finish with K1

Repeat this row 9 times

St st until desired length end with ws

*K2, K2tog,*  repeat to end, K2

Purl Row

Rib 1×1 for 4 rows

Cast of knitwise loosely, and sew seem!    I’ve popped a pink ribbon through between the rib columns at the top to break up the blue a little.


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