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Foraging Fun in the Fields – Damson and Apple Jam Recipe

Whilst out walking in the fields yesterday, I came across a bumper crop of Damsons.   For the last few years I have either missed them, or the fruiting hasn’t been anywhere near as good.  This is a good year!!

Not wanting to be too greedy, and also only having taken two ice cream tubs for Blackberries with me, I only pocketed (literally) one and a half pounds of the fruit so that the next forager could be as blessed by the bounty.   This would only have made about 3 jars of jam, so to bulk it up, I used an equal weight of apples that I just happened to have sitting on my kitchen floor.

I have written up the Damson and Apple Jam recipe here  but here are a few extra little pointers, should you so wish.

You can either stone the Damsons before cooking, or scoop them off as they cook.  I prefer to use a cherry/olive pitter to stone them before cooking so that there aren’t any that escape my eagle eyes for odamsonsne of my kiddies to then hurt their teeth on. If you haven’t already got a Cherry Pitter, I can strongly recommend getting one.  This is the one that I have, and it’s been serving me well for many years.  Obviously if you do not stone them before, you will need to add about an extra 6 oz in damsons to the initial mix.

Some people always chop apples into lemon or salt water so that they don’t go brown whilst you are preparing them all.  I didn’t bother with this jam as the damsons will colour the jam beautifully.  Much easier and cheaper.

In some recipe books it says to add the stones to the pan whilst boiling, this helps get as much pectin off the fruit as you can.  The best way that I have found to do this is using a ball and chain tea diffuser like this and make sure that if you buy one, it is a large one.   The added bonus of this is that you can then pop the diffuser in a large mug, pour some boiling water on it, leave it to soak for a bit, and you have a delicious fruit tea. How about that for thrift?!

Anyway, if you happen to find some Damsons, I hope that you enjoy this

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Hidden vegetable time of year – hidden courgette

This is the joke in our house, the courgettes are fruiting aplenty so I have to hide them in pretty much every thing that I make to use them up – hence the Hidden Vegetable time of year.

I managed use up 4 today!  2 in Jackie’s Courgette slice, 1 in a Ratatouille Puff Pastry Slice and 1 in some Blackcurrant Jam. I didn’t follow the Blackcurrant and Courgette Jam recipe as I had a good amount of Blackcurrants for a batch of jam, but wanted 1/4 lb of something to just round up the weights, so I chopped the courgette finely and popped it in when I was softening the fruit before adding the sugar.

Today’s recipe was:

3 1/4lb Blackcurrants

1/4 lb Courgette

2 pints water

4lb sugar

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Frogs Spawn Jam – Gooseberry Jam / Guzgog Jam Recipe

Having carefully plucked the Gooseberries from the bushes, with only aAmphibians-Common Frog-spawncu-15-03-09 couple of slight puncture wounds from the vicious spikes, I have made a scrummy batch of Gooseberry Jam.   Such a shame it looks like Frogs Spawn… but it does worry the children that I might actually be telling the truth!   (mean mummy??! )

4lbs Gooseberries

12tbs water

4lbs Sugar

(Have a peek at my other Jam recipes to see how to make jam…. got to finish making an Elvis Wig so haven’t time to write it all up I’m afraid!)

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Allotments and Redcurrant and Rhubarb Jam

The allotment is finally coming in to itself; gone are the days of wondering why on earth (pardon the pun) I have the thing when I see how many weeds there are; here are the days of plenty – and currants-and-rhubarbslow growing weeds.

This week so far we have harvested 2lbs cherries, 1lb blackcurrants and 1.5lbs redcurrants – and they’ve not even got going fully yet.  I also was able to pick a bag full of Swiss Chard and Spinach.

So, yesterday I cooked up the first batch of Redcurrant and Rhubarb Jam.  I used the same recipe as Blackcurrant and Rhubarb Jam and substituted red for black currants.

Just seen an amazing recipe that would use this jam….. Rhubarb and Red Currant Jam Swirled Bread.  Can’t wait to give it a try!!

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Jam making has started – with Strawberries from the Market!

Well it’s all kicked off a bit earlier than usual.

strawberry jam

After visiting family in Budapest and seeing their huge local market and all of the lovely produce that you could buy there for a fraction of the price of the UK, I was a little envious.  I even said whilst there that it is not worth buying fruit in the UK to preserve as it is not much cheaper than buying the actual jam………that was until I just happened to be going past the market in Guildford when a stall was selling off a pound of strawberries for 50p!   50p – really nice ones as well, not squishy or anything!! I bought 8 punnets, and then popped into a nearby shop, only to pop back and buy another 4 punnets!

Two punnets made their way (punnet at a time) into the ice cream machine that we recently inherited with about a pint of natural yogurt and about 2 oz sugar.  Yummy Strawberry Frogurt!

And 3.5 lbs have made their way into some Strawberry Jam!  Annoyingly, although the jam looked like it had got to setting point when I did the wrinkly skin test, it hadn’t!! So a second boil up was necessary. The initial batch was made with 3.5 lb of fruit, 3 lb of sugar, 2 sachets of pectin (as Strawberries have little to none in them) and 1 tbsp of lemon juice.  But the fruit was quite ripe.  So I added another 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 4 oz of well stewed rhubarb.  This resulted in a fabulous soft set and delicious taste.  You can’t taste the rhubarb, but it somehow enhances the strawberry taste.

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Another Jam Recipe for the blog – Raspberry and Apple Jam

Raspberries05Nothing quite like raspberries, and we were recently given some by a customer who was letting them rot on the cane! They were beginning to go a little past their best, so I quickly whipped them up into some jam with some apples that I had picked that day from the allotment.

Raspberry and Apple Jam Recipe for your use!


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New recipes!

courgette bake

It’s got to that time of year again where I have vegetables and soft fruits coming out of my ears, so I            have just popped a couple of new recipes up on here.

One to make a yummy Blackcurrant and Rhubarb Jam, and jam                the other for a Gluten free Courgette Slice.



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False Jam recipe advertising?

For the record.


I saw something on the beeb website last night, and it seemed that I had wrongly been saying that I’m giving you ‘Jam’ Recipes!  It seems that there is an official definition for what is too much, or too little sugar to call something a jam.     On second reading it seems that you cannot sue me for false advertising as the natural fruit sugars are calculated within the percentages…. phew!   Most of the jam that I make is equal fruit to added sugar weight, so I can in fact call it jam! Phew.

On another note – only 4 courgettes today!

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