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allotment 2008

Five years in to having an allotment, I’m still enjoying it!  Not so much when the bindweed and thistles are seemingly winning, the slugs and snails demolish courgette plants overnight, but very much so when I have so much fruit and veg that I don’t know what to do with it!

Last year not much grew – well it seemed that way until my husband reminded me that we had enough onions until March,  the parsnips were enough to keep us going all year, and that I was able to make enough jam to keep our family of six jam-loving Mays going with enough to give away too.

This year we had to enlist some lovely friends of ours to help us clear the soil once the British weather finally warmed up, and everything seems a lot happier with itself.  The parsnip, carrot and leek germination rate left a lot to be desired, and the onions are quite piddly allotment 2008 xbut the sugar snaps were delicious, the beetroot are fattening up nicely, there are courgettes aplenty and the fruit cage and cherry tree have done us proud again!

Now all that I need to do is cope with the gluts of various things!!  (please look at my jams page)

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