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That courgette time of year again – Glut time

So, last year I planted four courgette plantsImage result for courgette plant– all four got eaten by the slugs.  I planted a second lot of four – they too got eaten by the slugs.  No glut last year!  Organic allotmenteering at its worst.

This year, I planted seven plants so that if the slugs chose their favourite four, I would still be left with three….. but due to a hot dry spring, the courgettes prevailed and I am in serious glut land!

As happens in these events, I am hiding it in all food!  The usual places- soup, courgette and mozzarella slice, ratatouille, ragu sauce.

This year a new place – Chocolate cake! mmmmm

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Jams and pit latrines

Every year is the same, but this year was far worse….. Time to sort out what to do with the jam from last year that we haven’t eaten, sold or given away.   This year I still had over 60 jars of jam, all from last year, but totally edible for at least another year – the nature of a preserve!!  They were the jars that had wonky labels, or the original labels still on them with too sticky adhesive to remove when reusing.  I had an idea….


I went on to the book of faces, and popped a little note up saying that I was going to sell them off for a £1 a jar and the money was going towards twinning a toilet in Uganda.   I thought that I might sell about 20, and then would top it up with our own cash to make it up to the £65 target.    Well, the next couple of hours were super busy, taking orders and bagging them up.   Some people were generous and gave me more than I had asked for as well, so it’s great that I can now twin a loo and help a community in rural Uganda all from other people being prompted to give to an amazing cause.

We first started toilet twinning a couple of years ago when there was an outbreak of Ebola in Western Africa, and our family decided to help a community by providing a toilet for them to use.  It’s lovely to pop to the loo and see that you have helped other people with something so simple and basic as a toilet.


Toilettwinning.org has many countries that you can sponsor a loo through, but Uganda is my country of choice as I visited there a couple of times in the 90s.  I have vivid memories of desperately needing the toilet in one town, and the only ‘toilet’ there was a mud hut with a holey and rusty corrugated tin roof.  There was no toilet, no hole in the ground (as was the norm where I had been staying), just drying faeces all over the ground that I had to step around before relieving myself.   Other times I had to go to the pit latrine in the night and flick the cockroaches off of my legs whilst in there.  No-one should have to do that anymore: let’s share our wealth with those far worse off in the world.    Even if it is jars of jam that are sitting under the stairs from last year.

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Another Jam Recipe for the blog – Raspberry and Apple Jam

Raspberries05Nothing quite like raspberries, and we were recently given some by a customer who was letting them rot on the cane! They were beginning to go a little past their best, so I quickly whipped them up into some jam with some apples that I had picked that day from the allotment.

Raspberry and Apple Jam Recipe for your use!


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Easy Chocolate Custard Sauce Recipe

Just like my mum used to make, and tastes just like school puddings used to, here is a recipe for you all to make a simple and quick Chocolate Sauce.    I made it the other day to go with my Root and Fruit Pudding (a Chocolate and Pear pudding with hidden Beetroot in the Sponge).

(Sorry about a lack of photos at the moment by the way, I will sort it out soon!!)

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Got Beetroot coming out of your ears?! The Beetroot Glut….

My beetroot were very late getting going this year, I seem to remember sowing them a bit late, so that means that we haven’t had loads in salads etc this year, instead they are in bounty now that the nights are drawing in and I want warm comfort food!

I had dinner in the oven the other day and some cooked beetroots a little past their best in the fridge so wanted to take advantage of the preheated oven (my Dad will be proud).  I was in a rush,   looking in vain for a Chocolate and Beetroot cake recipe via good old Google and couldn’t find one in imperial measures (I cannot get my head around metric!) so I made one up quick smart while the oven was hot for tea.

I then used the same measurements a couple of days later for Chocolate and Beetroot Muffins, and then a Root and Fruit Pudding – Chocolate and Beetroot Sponge Pudding with Pears underneath (not one but two of your five a day – in a Chocolate Pudding!!!!! Can’t get much better than that!)   I used half a mix for the Muffins and then the other half for the pudding.

I hope that you enjoy them.  Be warned you can still taste the Beetroot, but my girls wolfed it all down.

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Sweet Cucumber Pickle Recipe by popular demand

Well, a friend asked for the recipe, so I thought that I’d put it on here in case anyone else is having a bumper cucumber year.  This is one of our favourite preserves as it is so versatile; with cheese, in a sandwich, with cold meats or sausages etc etc  Or if you are a bit naughty like me, straight out of the jar and in the mouth….mmmmm.

Sweet Cucumber Pickle

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3D glasses made from Sweetie Wrappers and Lemon and Courgette Drizzle Cake Recipe

jazz handsOne of my husband’s customers gave us a box of wrapped Chocolate sweets(any guesses which ones) and rather than throwing the wrappers away, we kept them for a couple of days and made our very own 3D glasses today.  They might not actually work,  in fact I think that they impair vision slightly, but today they kept my girls quiet for ages making and decorating them!

I then made a quick cake this evening whilst the oven was on for making dinner, it’s another Lemon and Courgette Drizzle cake, but this one doesn’t have Yogurt in like the other.  Mainly because I didn’t have any yogurt in the fridge needing using up! lemon and courgette drizzle

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The Yellow Courgette Revolution

You heard it here…. Yellow Courgettes are the way forward.   I realised this yesterday as my girlies were tucking into Courgette Muffins without a qualm!  Not only can you spot them quicker than green ones growing on the vine so they are less likely to be missed when you’re picking them (and therefore they are less likely to turn into marrows under your very eyes), but also it means that there aren’t funny green bits in your cake.

courgette pile

I tried a new recipe yesterday, and ate it today, so have popped it up on here – thanks to an old school friend, Becky, via Facebook .  So please have a little look at this new recipe,    Lime and Courgette Cake.   I didn’t actually have any Limes,  so I made it as a 10 ” tray bake and just popped the yummy soft cheese icing on the top.

I was on a bit of a roll as I had some more courgettes (there’s always more courgettes) … so I made some of Annabel Karmel’s Courgette Muffins.  I was having a bit of a job cooking it as I was having to convert the recipe into ounces and was flitting between the recipe and the conversion chart on her page, so I’ve typed it up on here for those of you like me.


It’s started….

allotment haulWell, you turn your back on your allotment for 3 days whilst your friend gets married and another has her 40th birthday party, and the courgettes take over the world!

Am now going back through all my recipes on here and seeing what would be a nice thing to make next!

Courgette Bread & Tomato and Courgette Soup may well be on the table tomorrow evening.

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New recipes!

courgette bake

It’s got to that time of year again where I have vegetables and soft fruits coming out of my ears, so I            have just popped a couple of new recipes up on here.

One to make a yummy Blackcurrant and Rhubarb Jam, and jam                the other for a Gluten free Courgette Slice.



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