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I seem to have lost the little hat that each of my girls have worn in the winter, and saw some funky chunky knit ones on Ravelry, so thought that I’d have a go at making one for my littlest.  I’m also fed up with pink, and wanted to use some of my stashed yarn, so this is what I came up with.

Chunky yarn

Needles:  7mm

Tension:  12 st in 4″

Cast on 49 loosely, pop onto 3 needles (being careful not to twist as the patterns always say!)  You might want to pop a marker on, however I never bother as you can see the end of the yarn where you started off.

1×1 rib for 3 rounds

Rounds 1,2 and 3 knit

Round 4 P1, K3 repeated to end

Round 5,6 and 7 Knit

Round 8 K2, P1, K3, P1 to last st K1

Repeat until work measures 4″ (or desired length – 3 rows)

Next round K2tog, K1 until end

Next 2 rounds K2tog til end

Using long end, thread through stitches, pull tight and finish off.

I then sewed some buttons from my button jar on as finishing touches, but you could crochet a flower or something along those lines to finish it off!


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