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Tri-knotty Phone cover


I started to make another Hoots that on the phone for myself, and then got a bit side-tracked by other projects.  Yesterday, having realised that I needed my 3.75mm dpns, so quickly finished it off, but with some tweaks inspired by the jumper I have just finished.

Tension: 26 st, 35 rows in 10 x 10cm swatch

Requires less than 50g wool, so would be good for using up oddments.

Cast on 36 st using 3.75mm needles, or if you are clever you can use a figure 8 cast on (but in this dark yarn I found it a lot trickier than with aran in the past)

Transfer onto 3 dpns (being careful not to twist the stitches), 12 st on each and with the fourth dpn

Knit 27 rounds

Change to contrast, but don’t cut off main, as you’ll need it again in a minute.

Tri-notty pattern

Round 1 in contrast = k1, sl1pw (insert the needles as if to purl, but just slide the st off the needle without purling it properly) to end

Round 2 in contrast=  p1,  sl1pwyb (slip 1 purlwise with yarn as if knitting and not purling at the back of the work)

Round 3 in main = k row

Repeat 1 – 3 times (tie off contrast)

Then continue knitting  for 11 rounds.

(K2, P2) to end for 2 rows

Cast off  apart from 6 st, carry on the 2×2 rib for 6 rows

Next row, p2, k2tog, yo, p2 (button hole) (Make sure that this carries on the 2×2 rib pattern)

Next row, k2, p2, k2

2 more rows 2×2 rib, and then cast off.  Sew up bottom end, sew in your yarn ends, and pop a lovely button on!


I am happy for you to use this pattern for your own personal use, but please don’t use it to make money.  Also, if you knit these, please can you comment on here, or on my ravelry page!  Thanks

Copyright Jammymummy 2013. All rights reserved.

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