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Fresh Fig and Apple Jam Recipe

Ficus carica

Ficus carica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A friend brought around a few dozen figs, one of my daughter’s favourite fruits.  Unfortunately he hadn’t come to see us as soon as they were picked, so a few were a little past their best.   Having got some windfall apples sat around, waiting to be made into something, the idea of Fig and Apple Jam came to me.  A quick google search didn’t come up with any recipes that weren’t measured in cups, so I made one up.

1 lb Fresh Figs

1 lb Apples (peeled, cored and sliced)

2 lb Sugar

2 tbs lemon juice

Wash the figs, take off their stalks and cut them into eighths.  Pop them in your preserving pan with the sugar, give them a quick stir, and leave them for a couple of hours.

Prepare your apples and stew them until soft.  I learned a REALLY handy hint the other day.  For years I’ve popped my apples in a lemon and water mix to stop them going brown, but always thought it a waste of lemon juice, now I make up a brine (just a couple of tablespoons of salt) and pop them in there.  Then you just rinse them off a bit, and cook them when you are ready.

Add the apples and lemon juice to the fig and sugar, and on a low heat dissolve the sugar.


At the same time, pop your jam jars and lids in a low oven to sterilise them, you’ll need about 5 (depending on their size).

Once the sugar is dissolved, bring it to a boil and bubble away until the setting point is reached.

Spoon it into your jars, seal them and then eat it when you want!


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6 responses to “Fresh Fig and Apple Jam Recipe

  1. Julie Kitchen says:

    Like you, I have windfall apples and a bag of figs past their best, so I’m making jam from your recipe (except that I’m opting for citric acid instead of lemon juice seeing that I don’t have lemons at the moment).
    Just a question of clarification: how much water did you add when you stewed the apples (& did you strain them before adding to the figs)?

    • jammymummy says:

      My apologies Julie on the lateness of replying! (Been visiting relatives and moving tonne of soil.) Hopefully you have got on and made this before your figs completely spoiled and are happy with the end results!!
      I normally put about a centimetre and a half of water ( half an inch) on the bottom so that they don’t catch whilst cooking. I also wouldn’t sieve before adding figs as the apple juice will carry a bit of pectin in it.

  2. […] seems so strange to me here, in Britain in the early spring, to have people searching for fig and apple jam recipes as is a common search at the moment- the marvel of the world wide […]

  3. Julie Kitchen says:

    Thanks for that. I’ll try that next time.
    I’m happy with how it turned out (I stewed mine in a large amount of water & strained), but slightly on the runny side which may have been from loss of pectin in straining.
    I might also try leaving the apples unpeeled & pureeing stewed apple for additional pectin (I’ve been reading up!)

  4. Suzanne says:

    Writing from Australia, in the middle of windfall apples and fresh ripe figs, so JAM. I have heard that using apple cider vinegar in this recipe has some following, would you comment and also I am guessing the measure of the ACV just hope I get it right.

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