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I’ve been blogging for some time now about various things, but realised now that I need to put a page up for recipes that aren’t related to a glut of one thing or another from the allotment!  Sometimes it’s because I need to use up something in the fridge or cupboard, and other times it’s just something takes my fancy or I get an idea.

I’m afraid for all you out there who like a their recipes in metric, I don’t work like that.  I learned to cook camping betterwith imperial, where a cake is easy as it’s 6, 6, 3, 6.   Or pastry is 4, 8.  This means that for a cake you need the same of butter, sugar, self raising flour and half that in eggs.  And for pastry, and dumplings for that matter, you need half fat to flour.  It just makes more sense in imperial.   I’m definitely not Heston Blumenthal, nor would Paul Hollywood like my pastry as I like it thick and not too crunchy, but I can feed a crowd on a budget.

So anyway, this is the title page for my recipes that don’t fit the rest of my blog, I hope that you enjoy!


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