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Wild Garlic Focaccia Bread Recipe

I love foraging, and have decided that I shall do even more of it this year.  Why waste any of the bounty of creation?!   So far I have had a nibble of some Jack by the hedge, and am picking wild garlic at any point when I have got time to make something lovely with it.

Last year I made Wild Garlic Pesto and lots of Focaccia.  This year I have made some garlic butter which I have in the freezer, and a lot more of the Wild Garlic Focaccia!  It always goes down a treat with a family meal and freezes so well.IMG_20160502_230856278DSC_0867

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Crumble Topping – sugar free and vegan

Unable to find a vegan and refined sugar free crumble recipe that really hit the mark, my sister made this up for one of our Christmas puddings.

Unbelievably scrummy: the apricots had been prepared and frozen by my mum: picked by my brother from his tree in the Czech Republic and driven 886 miles when they came over in the summer to see  us all:  I did my part by having seconds.

I know that it isn’t truly sugar free, but it is free of refined sugar and is certainly more healthy for you than an average crumble.12404327_10153806844459407_1353834000_n

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Vegan and Sugar free Christmas Cake


I’ve not developed this recipe myself, but my mum just found this recipe online and I wanted to share it as a Christmas Cake alternative for those people that have a vegan/sugar free diet requirement.

Christmas Cake idea

To make it look a bit more Christmassy I popped it in a 6″ round tin, and it only took an hour to cook rather than the time they said – my nose told me it was cooked before (see previous posts about cooking by smell!)

The photo shows it part way through it’s cooking, and there won’t be a finished photo until my sis has had some at Christmas!   As it hasn’t got all the sugar that normally helps a normal Christmas cake to keep for so long, I am going to pop it in the freezer with the Quincemeat that I have made for her mince pies and bring it out the day before.  Made sugar free, with vegan suet and lots of mixed spices…. the proof on these will be in the tasting!

IMG_20151221_122021114 (2)

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Date, Pecan and Oat Cake/Tray Bake – vegan, sugar and fat free recipe

IMG_20151116_125034325Sometimes our health and the health of those we love leads to change.  Sometimes sugar and animal protein free baking can help with specific health conditions, but the recipes haven’t been all that forthcoming for me.  So, I made this up the other week for someone special.

This is nowhere near as light as a slice made with sugar and eggs, BUT it is super good for you (unless you are allergic to gluten or nuts).

Date, Pecan and Oat Slice Recipe is right here.  For other free from recipes, please go to this great website.

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