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Recycled denim bunting

I seem to be rather heavy on my jeans, and over the years have gone through quite a few pairs, and haven’t been able to bring myself to throwing them away as there is still lots of life in the material yet, even if not so much dignity when wearing the jeans.

My latest project with the defunct jeans is some denim bunting, made in a rush for my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday party at our house.  We’ve left it up for a month or so after her birthday for other birthday and jubilee celebrations, but will take it down soon, store it carefully and bring it out for its next outing!

These sewed up really quickly;  I pinking sheared the sides of the triangles; cut with straight scissors across the top; and then sewed the triangles into folded biased binding.  Obviously if I’d have put two triangles together, sewn them rightside facing and then turned them the right way out it wouldn’t curl slightly at the edges, and there wouldn’t be a wrong side to the bunting, but it was quick and is still quite lightweight, fun and using up some of my old fabric stash!


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