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Foraging fungi fun – Parasol Mushrooms

on August 30, 2017

IMG_20170827_160532421My husband went for a slightly off piste walk with the dog the other day, and came across a treasure trove of mushrooms.  Not having picked these before he came home and checked a book and the net.  Having seen that as long as we don’t pick any smaller than 15cm wide we were pretty safe,  off we went the next day with a couple of good friends and the kids to see what we could find.

What a treat, some over a foot tall and nearly a foot wide.   Trug full to bursting we set off back through the woods to home.

That day we sampled their delicacy by cooking some with a wild garlic butter wash over a wood fired BBQ.  The next day I made a rich and creamy Mushroom Stroganoff.  What a delight.


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