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Rhubarb season

I love this time of year, fruiting is well on the way, and the rhubarb is a plenty.  One of the great things about rhubarb is that it is so easy to freeze; pick, rinse, chop, pop in freezer bag or recycled ice-cream tub, and put in freezer.

Another amazing thing is that it tastes so yummy!   This is one of my fail safe recipes, and a super quick one at that if you want a seasonal cake (or you can just throw in some defrosted rhubarb for a taste of summer  when the evenings draw in).   I’ve adapted a good housekeeping recipe so that it is much lower in refined sugar, using light soft brown sugar and runny honey – so with the natural sweetness of the rhubarb this is just right for my palate.

never rub another mans rhubarb (2)

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