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Return of the blog.

on May 14, 2016

Some beautiful creativity here

a travelling thread

Today I picked some wild flowers that I nearly walked into whilst walking along the pavement, here, at home, in the UK. Sam and I returned in a unexpected hurry from our travels and I didn’t quite feel like writing about the sudden end to our honeymoon days of roaming the earth freely what with a bit of a hard reality that we’d returned to. We have a flat now in England, and we go to work, and we come home, and I run around like a crazy knitting lady trying to finish things in time for a show, and it’s all very normal and that’s odd! It’s almost as if we never left. Anyway,  I’ll write more about our travels another time. Today is a day where I feel really inspired and had to find something else to make (apart from my knitted jumpers, more on that later) and…

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