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Jam making has started – with Strawberries from the Market!

on April 12, 2015

Well it’s all kicked off a bit earlier than usual.

strawberry jam

After visiting family in Budapest and seeing their huge local market and all of the lovely produce that you could buy there for a fraction of the price of the UK, I was a little envious.  I even said whilst there that it is not worth buying fruit in the UK to preserve as it is not much cheaper than buying the actual jam………that was until I just happened to be going past the market in Guildford when a stall was selling off a pound of strawberries for 50p!   50p – really nice ones as well, not squishy or anything!! I bought 8 punnets, and then popped into a nearby shop, only to pop back and buy another 4 punnets!

Two punnets made their way (punnet at a time) into the ice cream machine that we recently inherited with about a pint of natural yogurt and about 2 oz sugar.  Yummy Strawberry Frogurt!

And 3.5 lbs have made their way into some Strawberry Jam!  Annoyingly, although the jam looked like it had got to setting point when I did the wrinkly skin test, it hadn’t!! So a second boil up was necessary. The initial batch was made with 3.5 lb of fruit, 3 lb of sugar, 2 sachets of pectin (as Strawberries have little to none in them) and 1 tbsp of lemon juice.  But the fruit was quite ripe.  So I added another 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 4 oz of well stewed rhubarb.  This resulted in a fabulous soft set and delicious taste.  You can’t taste the rhubarb, but it somehow enhances the strawberry taste.


One response to “Jam making has started – with Strawberries from the Market!

  1. jammymummy says:

    Only down side is I had to do double the washing up!

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