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Do we really have to have a weekly food plan not to waste food?

on October 16, 2014

The other day I was slightly bemused by a suggestion in the media that people plan their weeks food for the family so Glow-Baby-Menu-Planner-Front-Coverthat they don’t throw food away.   This is both far to organised for me and a little pointless as this isn’t the way that I work.  I suppose that I am blessed in that I have good freezer storage, but I go to the supermarket, buy some fish or meat or other staples that are on offer and keep them in the fridge or cupboard – bits and bobs that I can make in to something nice some time soon.

Also, if something is beginning to go off in the fridge, fruit bowl or alike I’ll quickly make it into something, freeze it or preserve it – like my Mum and Grans would have done.   Waste not, want not.

Mum’s reminded me of a couple ; ham going a bit wrinkly around the edges so you can pop it on a pizza or in pasta dish; left over veggies from a few days ago which you can make into a soup if you add a few more bits in;  and she mentioned the banana cake idea – which I use very frequently.

Yesterday I spotted  some bananas that were more brown than yellow in the fruit bowl, and we had some figs that were beginning to turn too, so I popped them in a basic cake mix and out came this yummy cake!   Here is the recipe for a Banana and Fig CakeIMG_7830.


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