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Got Beetroot coming out of your ears?! The Beetroot Glut….

on October 5, 2014

My beetroot were very late getting going this year, I seem to remember sowing them a bit late, so that means that we haven’t had loads in salads etc this year, instead they are in bounty now that the nights are drawing in and I want warm comfort food!

I had dinner in the oven the other day and some cooked beetroots a little past their best in the fridge so wanted to take advantage of the preheated oven (my Dad will be proud).  I was in a rush,   looking in vain for a Chocolate and Beetroot cake recipe via good old Google and couldn’t find one in imperial measures (I cannot get my head around metric!) so I made one up quick smart while the oven was hot for tea.

I then used the same measurements a couple of days later for Chocolate and Beetroot Muffins, and then a Root and Fruit Pudding – Chocolate and Beetroot Sponge Pudding with Pears underneath (not one but two of your five a day – in a Chocolate Pudding!!!!! Can’t get much better than that!)   I used half a mix for the Muffins and then the other half for the pudding.

I hope that you enjoy them.  Be warned you can still taste the Beetroot, but my girls wolfed it all down.


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