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The Yellow Courgette Revolution

on August 3, 2014

You heard it here…. Yellow Courgettes are the way forward.   I realised this yesterday as my girlies were tucking into Courgette Muffins without a qualm!  Not only can you spot them quicker than green ones growing on the vine so they are less likely to be missed when you’re picking them (and therefore they are less likely to turn into marrows under your very eyes), but also it means that there aren’t funny green bits in your cake.

courgette pile

I tried a new recipe yesterday, and ate it today, so have popped it up on here – thanks to an old school friend, Becky, via Facebook .  So please have a little look at this new recipe,    Lime and Courgette Cake.   I didn’t actually have any Limes,  so I made it as a 10 ” tray bake and just popped the yummy soft cheese icing on the top.

I was on a bit of a roll as I had some more courgettes (there’s always more courgettes) … so I made some of Annabel Karmel’s Courgette Muffins.  I was having a bit of a job cooking it as I was having to convert the recipe into ounces and was flitting between the recipe and the conversion chart on her page, so I’ve typed it up on here for those of you like me.


3 responses to “The Yellow Courgette Revolution

  1. lizard100 says:

    I’m still not sure I like the colour having grown them this year too. They always look a bit like they’ve gone off or something.

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