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Courgette Glut saga continues

on August 10, 2013

Having not been to the allotment for a few days as I’d been visiting my best friend from YEARS ago, we just went to the allotment and picked up a further 10 courgettes of varying sizes from the allotment.  That’s to top up the 8 that are already in the fridge!! Since I’ve got back, I’ve made the Courgette and Raisin Muffins and Courgette Bread Rolls, but I split it up into 15 round rolls, popped them on to a full size baking tray, and they are cooking away as I type.   I’ll have to take a few of them to church tomorrow to share the blessing, and then make some chutney next week!


2 responses to “Courgette Glut saga continues

  1. jammymummy says:

    Courgette Soup today!! I’ve botched together a recipe on another page x

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